Representational oil painter Elizabeth Kinahan depicts the flora and fauna of the American west.
Through passionately rendered images, she exposes the soul of each subject, and reflected within it, the soul of mankind.
The work thereby creates an implied narrative, with animal as storyteller, and where man is at once hero and villain.

Up Close and Personal

You can find Elizabeth's work displayed at Studio & in Durango, CO where on occassion, you can also catch her creating new pieces. If you're in the Ashland, VA area, you can find her work at Gallery Flux

New Work

Elizabeth continues to capture the local fauna within the four-corners region. These paintings capture a heightened attention to detail, and at the same time a feeling of roundedness expressed through opaque solid backgrounds and bold colors.

The Defenders

As seen on HGTV's show, Property Brothers, "Fit for a Family" in Sophie & Preston's kitchen. Now available for prints on canvas.