About the Artist


Elizabeth Kinahan is a representational oil painter, whose work primarily depicts the agricultural animals of the American west. Through passionately rendered images, she exposes the soul of each subject, and reflected within it, the soul of mankind. The work thereby creates an implied narrative, with animal as storyteller, and where man is at once hero and villain. 

Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey, in 2004. The following year she relocated to Southwest Colorado, where she settled into a world of inspiration. She is a co-owner of Studio & Gallery in Durango, where her work can also be seen.  Her paintings serve to support organizations dedicated to the rescue and protection of both wild and domesticated animals.




Studio & - 1027 Main Avenue, Durango, CO

         Gallery Flux, 307B England Street, Ashland, VA


Solo Exhibitions:

2016- August, A World Apart, Studio &, Durango, Colorado

2014- September, Fleeting Impressions, Studio &, Durango, Colorado

2013- July, New Works, Olio, Mancos, Colorado 

2013- May, Animalarium, Studio &, Durango, Colorado 

2012- November, Portraits of Men, Durango Arts Center, Durango, Colorado

2012- September, Playing Koi, White Dragon Tea Room, Durango, Colorado

2011- October, The Women of Durango, Serving Life, Durango, Colorado

2011- September, The Grand Petite, The Irish Embassy, Durango, Colorado

2008- October, The Fish Show, Pure Soul, Durango, Colorado

2004- May, F Street Gallery, Belmar, New Jersey


Group Exhibitions:

       2017 - September, Reverie, Durango Arts Center, Durango, Colorado

       2015- September, The Farm, Studio &, Durango, Colorado

       2014- February, Extinct, Studio &, Durango, Colorado

        2013- October, The West Revisited, Durango Arts Center, Durango, Colorado

        2013- September, Super Amazing Santa Fe, William and Joseph Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

        2013- February, YEAR, Studio &, Durango, Colorado 

        2012- September, Fourth Annual Super Amazing Art Show, Durango, Colorado

        2012- May, Focusing on the Near, Studio &, Durango, Colorado

        2012- February, Previously Entitled, Studio &, Durango, Colorado

        2012- February, LPOSC 18th Annual Fine Art Auction, Durango, Colorado  

        2011- August, Third Annual Super Amazing Art Show, Durango, Colorado

        2011- May, From Show, Studio &, Durango, Colorado

        2011- February, LPOSC 17th Annual Fine Art Auction, Durango, Colorado            

        2011- February, A Monster Show, Durango, Colorado

        2010- August, Super Amazing Art Show Part III, Durango, Colorado

        2010- March, A Bug Show, Durango, Colorado

        2010- February, Deliciously Weird, Durango, Colorado

        2010- January, LPOSC 16th Annual Fine Art Auction, Durango, Colorado

        2009- August, Super Amazing Art Show, Durango, Colorado

        2009- April, Durango Arts Center’s Creativity Festivity, Durango, Colorado 

        2007- May, Durango Arts Center 31st Annual Juried Show, Durango, Colorado

        2007- January, Durango Arts Center Four Corners Commission, Durango, Colorado

        2006- November, Superstition Farm’s “Art on the Farm” Juried Show, Mesa, Arizona